11. The Hit List - finally a “to-do” app for me

    Thanks to Mike’s A Fresh Cup blog post on Tools of trade I’ve finally found really awesome to-do manager. Using it just for one day so far, we’re already friends with The Hit List and everything feels very natural. So much better than all the remember the milks, tada lists etc.

    There is one little drawback, which is that the price tag (pre-order only for now) seems to be a little too high. I would be happy to pay half of the 50 bucks straight away, this (49.95 actually) is though just enough to have a second thought about it. But I’m already pretty much sure that I’ll get used to it so much I won’t have much choice when the final is released one day.

    No web sync so far, but there is already a workaround for syncing using Dropbox. Can’t wait to get it on my office Mac tomorrow. (And there is an iPhone app coming one day…)

    The Potion Factory (company that’s behind The Hit List) portfolio is quite suprising - only two other apps that, while being sth rather new, aren’t really of that much use to me (and, probably, most of other people). And now a to-do manager - an idea that was taken on so many times, but made in such an amazing way, you could say they reinvented it.

    Another prove that, while the idea is important, it’s execution that matters most.

  12. 23:23 5th Oct 2009

    Notes: 2

    I used to have my own blog …

    … updated once every 6 months. Now I might be using tumblr. Unless there is sth similar but much better and I don’t know about it?